After Britney Tour, Kelis Looking To Team Up With Lenny Kravitz

'Milkshake' singer in talks to open rocker's summer outing.

After checking out of Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel Tour, it looks like Kelis might pair up right away with another headliner, though one of a very different sort.

Kelis' camp is in talks to have her open for rocker Lenny Kravitz on a summer tour. The trek would be built around the release of Kravitz's new, as-yet-untitled studio album due out around the same time.

"I don't know how this happened, to be honest with you," Kelis admitted with a laugh. "I just show up. But we've met. [Lenny's] cool."

Sources close to Kelis confirm the sides are talking but that nothing is close to being finalized yet.

Kelis knows that being on the road with such headliners as Spears (see [article id="1484295"]"Kelis Checks Into Britney's Onyx Hotel Tour"[/article]) or Kravitz will limit her creative freedom onstage, but she acknowledges the trade-off in reaching a broader audience. "It's a huge tour," she said of the Spears trek. "I'm sort of there for fun and to hang out. I love what I do so it'll be fun."

Before she leaves home with Britney or Lenny, she'll do a quick co-headlining tour with Raphael Saadiq, who produced three songs for her most recent album, Tasty. Those dates will be announced shortly.

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