Bill O'Reilly Responds To Jay-Z's 'Off That' Dis

The Fox News host calls rapper 'a regular Otis Redding' after playing leaked track.

Bill O'Reilly is back at it again. The conservative talk-show host criticized [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] on Monday, a day after the leak of the rapper's [article id="1619293"]new song, "Off That,"[/article] which takes aim at "The O'Reilly Factor" host, among others.

"This ain't black versus white, my n---a, we off that/ Please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back," Jay-Z raps over electro synths courtesy of Timbaland. On the track, which also features Drake, the Brooklyn MC also fires off a salvo at right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh. Jay-Z charges both men with stirring up racist sentiments before closing his verse saying, "It's 2010, not 1864."

In a segment on his show titled "Reality Check," O'Reilly played the song, highlighting the lyrics in question, before quickly dismissing the barb and moving on.

"A regular Otis Redding, isn't he," O'Reilly responded, sighing.

This isn't the first time the two have tangled. O'Reilly, a noted hip-hop hater, lashed out at Jay-Z and Young Jeezy earlier this year during the presidential inauguration, when [article id="1603038"]Jay premiered his verse to Jeezy's hit, "My President,"[/article] at Washington D.C.'s club Love.

[article id="1603636"]O'Reilly and comedian Dennis Miller[/article] alleged that the song was harmful to America. The dustup lasted a few days but ultimately subsided.

O'Reilly has a long history of going after rappers. In the past, he has been in feuds with [article id="1591451"]Nas[/article], [article id="1472117"]Ludacris[/article], and [article id="1608906"]Eminem[/article]. Cam'ron is the only rapper to have appeared on the show, for a segment involving hip-hop's influence on education. He and Dame Dash disagreed with O'Reilly before the host cut them off and ended the segment.

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