The Chainsmokers’ New Song Is Basically A Sequel To ‘Closer’

‘All We Know’ confronts a bittersweet relationship

"Closer" is still the No. 1 jam in the country, but The Chainsmokers are already gunning for their next big hit. This time, they teamed up with electro-pop artist Phoebe Ryan for "All We Know," a bittersweet tune about a relationship that's not quite going anywhere. Drew Taggart sings the male vocals and duets with Ryan for the verses.

But despite the complicated relationship, breaking up is out of the question because the couple are so in love with each other — or is that they're afraid to leave their comfort zones?

"It's about the hardships of relationships but never giving up on your ride or die," the EDM duo revealed earlier this week after teasing the song and their collab with Ryan on Snapchat. (Side note: If you haven't heard Ryan's mash-up of R. Kelly's "Ignition" and Miguel's "Do You...," please do. It's incredible.)

Perhaps the most interesting part of "All We Know" is this lyric: "Two hearts still beating on with different rhythms." The cover art of "Closer" is a couple intertwined, their arms wrapped around each other and forming a heart.

Could "All We Know" be a story about what happens after the lustful infatuation stage, when the relationship gets less sparkly and more realistic? Either way, this song's a welcome addition to The Chainsmokers' insanely successful year.

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