Kanye West, Black Keys Lend New Songs To RZA's 'Iron Fists'

New red-band trailer reveals 'Man With the Iron Fists' soundtrack will also feature Wiz Khalifa and the Wu-Tang Clan.

RZA has lined up quite the crew for his upcoming ultra-gory kung fu epic, "The Man With the Iron Fists," and we're not just talking about producer Quentin Tarantino or writer Eli Roth (or stars Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu, for that matter).

Not surprisingly, he's also nabbed new music from a host of heavyweights, including Kanye West, the Black Keys and Wiz Khalifa — not to mention his group, the Wu-Tang Clan — for the film's soundtrack.

Set in feudal China, "Iron Fists" stars RZA as a weapons maker (and titular dude with the metal hands) who is thrust into a battle between seven rival clans, each competing for a fortune in gold. It also stars Jamie Chung, former pro wrestler Dave Bautista, mixed martial artist Cung Le and a bevy of kung fu-flick vets, including Rick Yune and Byron Mann.

Judging from the new red-band trailer that was released Friday (June 29), "Iron Fists" looks like it packs a punch: blood flows like ribbons, throats slit with poetic grace and eyeballs are crushed like grapes. There's plenty of sex, gratuitous scene-chewing by Crowe, and at one point, Bautista turns into metal ... or something. Yeah, it looks pretty sweet.

In fact, about the only thing the trailer doesn't reveal is an actual release date for the film, though an email from Universal says "Iron Fists" is "coming soon." Needless to say, given everything we've just watched — not to mention that soundtrack — "soon" can't come soon enough.

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