'Zero Dark Thirty' Gets the Rom-Com Treatment

Jessica Chastain frolicking on the beach with Osama Bin Laden? Sounds like the stuff of fever dreams, but the gang at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" produced a recut trailer for "Zero Dark Thirty" called "Zero Dark Flirty" that asks what happens when Chastain's Maya, a love-hungry CIA agent, goes on the hunt for "the one" ("the one" being the world's most dangerous terrorist, natch).

Yep, last year's Oscar-winning caper about the mission to capture Osama Bin Laden gets turned into a romantic comedy into this pitch-perfect parody that transforms Kathryn Bigelow into Nancy Meyers. A Supremes song? Check. An attractive single gal? You bet. Love in the air? Definitely.

At this point, all that's missing is a cupcake shop, real estate porn, and a cameo from Rita Wilson. Get on it, Meyers.

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