Ghostface Calls Marvel Comics Lawsuit 'Super Wack'

'I don't know what's going on with Marvel, but they tryna come at the kid, asking for 20 million,' Ghost says of his 'Iron Man' suit.

Ghostface Killah established himself as hip-hop's own Tony Stark all the way back in 1996 with his debut, Ironman, so it's confusing to the Wu-Tang rapper that he's just now facing what he calls a "super wack" lawsuit from Marvel Comics for illegally sampling the "Iron Man" theme song.

Marvel Comics is suing Ghost for using sound bites from the "Iron Man" cartoon on his 2000 album Supreme Clientele, and he thinks it's pretty ridiculous. During a surprise appearance on Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," where he joined Sheek Louch to talk about their new Wu-Block album, Ghost also addressed the ongoing lawsuit.

"That's super wack [because] that goes back to Supreme Clientele -- RZA put the skits on there and now years later, I don't know what's going on with Marvel, but they just tryna come at the kid, asking for 20 million," he explained.

Ghost said that his lawyer has been dealing with the case, and that he's been taking it with a grain of salt -- because he understands the hustle -- even though it seems completely absurd to him.

"I got my lawyer in there, tryna say, 'Yo chill out,' tryna squash it all," he added, admitting that he still doesn't know who exactly is targeting him. "I think it's an old man. I think they woke this dude up or something. He ain't Stan Lee or anything but I guess he's somebody because he ain't stopping. It's like, [why] you coming to me? Go to SONY man, don't come at me. But that's what it is this, this is the game, man. Everybody out for they bread, whatever they could see, they tryna get it."

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