What's Income Inequality? This 'My Little Pony' Parody Breaks It Down

Watch 'The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas.'

Does "My Little Pony" have a political agenda? Not necessarily, but this new (and hilarious) Funny Or Die parody definitely does.

The Adam McKay-directed animation, titled "The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas," takes aim at income inequality in the United States.

It's part of the We The Economy campaign, which seeks to drive "awareness and establish a better understanding of the U.S. economy" through 20 short films made by various filmmakers.

"The U.S. ranks 30th among the top 34 developed countries in income inequality," reads the opening title card before three lovable alpacas enter the picture.

The colorful beasts have each graduated from "Sweetness School" and are determined to get the job of their dreams at the local Lollipop Factory.

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Things don't pan out at the factory, however -- at least not for everyone. The rich alpaca gets the high-paying job, while her solidly middle-class companion with the glasses gets a management position. Meanwhile, their not-so-well-off friend doesn't even get a job at all.

The unemployed alpaca is voiced by Amy Poehler, who brings her signature brand of sass to the character. Other characters are voiced by Billy Eichner, Maya Rudolph, Andy Richter and Sarah Silverman.