Which Scorned 'Faking It' Student Got The Sweetest Revenge On Her Ex?

Lauren, Karma and Reagan all came up with dastardly schemes.

Three of Hester High's finest sought to even the score with their exes on the latest "Faking It" episode, but is revenge a dish best served on a catering platter or with a little pep (rally)?

First up: Lauren was busy carefully plotting against her former boyfriend, undercover cop Theo. But when a snooping Amy and Shane discovered her plans, the latter offered a simpler idea: “If you want to get back at Theo, why don’t you just go to his new school and out him as a narc?”

She took his advice: Posing as new cheerleaders (and their mascot), the three teens headed to Baldwin High, where they faked their way through a pep rally routine, jacked the mic and revealed Theo's true identity.

Still, the scheme may not have been worth it. As Lauren later complained, “Revenge on Theo — Jimmy — whatever the hell his name is… it didn’t make me feel any better.” Time to bury your feelings in ice cream. (Been there, girl.)

But the newly elected class president wasn't the only one seeking retribution. When new job buddies Reagan and Karma worked a catering party at Liam’s dad’s tech company, they discovered that their mutual exes were bouncing around the event -- and quickly decided to swap targets and help each other get vengeance.

For her part, Karma enacted a dastardly plan to feed Reagan’s toxic ex a non-vegetarian egg roll. Not exactly an eye for an eye. Reagan, on the other hand, tried to roofie Liam before his big tech presentation…but actually dosed his dad. Too far! Maybe her name is actually “Rage-an”?

Who do you think got revenge just right? Share your take in the comments and then tell us: Have you ever gotten revenge on an ex? Was it worth it? And be sure to see what happens next on “Faking It,” Monday at 9:30/8:30c!

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