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This Little Girl Wears Disney Princess Costumes To Help Her With Her Shyness

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When most toddlers feel a little shy, their parents will enroll them in a play group, or make them join a kiddie soccer team. And when most toddlers visit Disney World, they wear store-bought costumes and "Frozen" t-shirts from the discount aisle.

Lucky for 3-year-old Lane Rouch, her mother Jennifer has ensured that she is not most toddlers.

Jennifer -- a talented seamstress, Disney fan and Floridian -- started making costumes out of curtains, upcycled fabrics and more for little Lane for their frequent Disney trips, as she noticed that her daughter came out of her shell when she wore them.

"At first, I was making her costumes because she’s a little girl and it’s fun -- but we noticed that the more we dressed her up, the more out of her shell she would become and the better she would get with the characters," Rouch told Today. “And it was kind of eventually like you would never have known this child was shy a day in her life -- it has made her have such a large personality.”

Check out some of our favorite Lane-styles below (via Jennifer's Instagram page), but be warned -- major nostalgia-slash-Disney FOMO lies ahead!

Lane as Jane (from "Tarzan").

Lane as Jane... with the big guy.

Lane as Belle.

Lane as Belle, reading with Belle.

Lane in Ariel-themed attire.

Lane as Cinderella, then and now.

Lane as Cinderella, doing some prince-swapping.

Lane as Honey Lemon, meeting Baymax.

Lane as Anna.

Lane as Anna, with her sisters.

Lane as a Haunted Mansion ghost.

Lane as Jack Skellington.

Lane as Jack Skellington, with Jack Skellington.

Lane as a Main Street Confectionary worker.

... They really put her to work!

Lane as Wendy Darling.