The Jonas Brothers Can Make Late-Night TV Into A Concert Whenever They Want

They performed 'What a Man Gotta Do' on 'Corden'

The Jonas Brothers were the musical guests on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night (February 12), and the atmosphere felt like a surprise performance at a school auditorium where kids are screaming and excited because they get to miss class for an hour. The pop powerhouses performed "What a Man Gotta Do" surrounded by a live band and backup singers who synthesized a concert arena's intensity on a regular show stage. Not an easy feat, but I literally felt like I was there through the screen. My ears are still ringing.

Before the show even started, the audience clapped in unison amidst excited roars and yips. Then the trio barreled into their lovey-dovey number along with the yells, serenading everyone in the room with the kind of intense affection that is normally reserved for Valentine's Day (which happens to be around the corner).

All three of the JoBros killed it, but perhaps the star of the show was Joe, who really let loose with the dance moves, grooving like the happiest Bingo winner in a retirement home. Put this in the running for one of the most entertaining late show performances that you'll ever see.

"What a Man Gotta Do" spawned two different videos that dropped last month: one nostalgic, 80s-fueled romp that featured the JoBros's lovely partners Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas; and an alternate one featuring the brothers driving around Las Vegas. They revealed in January that they're working on a new albumHappiness Beginstheir return LP that featured "Sucker, "Cool," and "Only Human," came out last year.

Check out the JoBros exciting new "What a Man Gotta Do" concert-worthy performance up above.