Everything You Need To Throw Your Own 'Scandal' Party

Settle in, it's gonna be a long night.

It's finally here: SHONDA NIGHT. We've been waiting with bated breath all summer to learn where the heck Olivia went on "Scandal," how we're going to get away with murder, and what Meredith will do to make us roll our eyes next on "Grey's Anatomy." And tonight, we'll finally find out.

Of course, before we settle in for a three-hour couch marathon, there are certain supplies we'll need. Enter the Shonda Night Party Checklist. To ensure the best possible outcome for the evening, grab these supplies.

1. A White Hat

Every gladiator needs one.

2. Popcorn

In case you get sad.

3. A stain stick

You wouldn't want to spill anything on your pristine white couch, after all.

4. Tape and glue

You know, to hold it together.

5. A board game spinner

To make the tough decisions.

6. Snacks

Everyone's gotta eat.

7. Tissues

Tragedy can strike at any moment in ShondaLand.

8. An alibi

You never know.

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