Eminem Was Kind Of Jealous Of James Franco While Shooting 'The Interview'

Shady talks about filming his standout cameo.

Eminem has always been something of rap's class clown. From his songs and music videos to interviews, the Detroit native has consistently found zany and outrageous ways to make fans laugh.

And his cameo in 2014's "The Interview" -- where he matter-of-factly declared his homosexuality, saying he had been playing "gay peek-a-boo" and leaving a "breadcrumb trail of gayness" in his lyrics for years -- was one of his most absurdly funny moments. But Em says he was just playing second fiddle in the scene.

"Yo, I gotta tell you, man: James Franco was so f--king funny," he said during an interview on "Sway in the Morning" on Monday. "I couldn't -- it was very hard. There was a few takes where we had to stop, like, I couldn't stop laughing."

Still, there was a part of Shady that sounds like he didn't totally enjoy being matched up with Franco.

"He was so animated and it was like, damn, I wanna be the funny one here," he admitted. "And he was killin' it."

No worries, Em. You killed it, too.