And The Bride Wore Red? Rachel McAdams Explains Her 'About Time' Wedding

'I just sort of went with it,' actress says of her ceremony dress in the film, out in select theaters this week.

Need a good cry this weekend after all that Halloween candy? Well, you might want to check out Rachel McAdam's latest romantic comedy, "About Time."

In it, McAdams plays Mary, a woman who falls for Tim, who happens to have the power to time travel. While their love story will surely make you smile, there are some [article id="1713187"]heartbreaking scenes[/article] as well. After all, what good romance doesn't have its highs and its lows?

(Be warned, spoilers are ahead!)

Ahead of the movie's opening, MTV News sat down with McAdams and director Richard Curtis (who's known for penning the screenplays to "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Notting Hill," "Bridget Jones' Diary" and "Love Actually'), and they opened up about one of the flick's happier moments: Tim and Mary's rainy wedding ceremony.

"So it was great for me to realize I can do something that was almost silent comedy, with the sound of a lot of rain," he recalled. "And that was based on the wedding of a friend of mine that I went to that was so wet the bride even as she took her oaths was soaking wet."

And while the scene required its leading lady, and the rest of the cast to get soaking wet, McAdams loved every minute of it. "I loved that scene on the page. I loved it when we did it at the table read," she recalled, before breaking down what it was like to film it.

"It was actually such a hot day, which you wouldn't expect in Britain in Cornwall. But it was so hot, so we were all just ready to get drenched," she said. "And those fans, it's like automatic comedy with those fans. They were enormous and they just pointed them straight at us and blew us around. Stuff just happened; you don't really have to work that hard. And, so, I loved it. That was one of my favorite scenes to shoot in the film."

In addition to having an unconventional wedding scene, Mary's dress is also quite unexpected. "That was Richard's idea to have the red dress. It was written in the script and I never really asked him why exactly," she said. "I just sort of went with it and then, yeah, with costuming we sort of, it was a couple different dresses that were put together. It was a vintage dress that needed a little bit of updating. And then I had to be a little bit pregnant in it, so there's a little piece of sponge that we cut out that's sitting right there [on my stomach]."

So, does Curtis have any insight into why he wanted a red wedding dress?

"Although I didn't know if the red dress would work but I... in my first film, in 'Four Weddings,' we talk about the meringue and I was very keen that the character, who was Mary, would go for something unusual."

"About Time" opens in select theaters on Friday (November 1) before opening nationwide on November 8.

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