Razzies Biggest Loser: 'Movie 43' Is The Worst Film Of The Year

The comedy anthology took the top prize of the night, while Will and Jaden Smith's "After Earth" was also singled out for being being singularly bad.

While this weekend's biggest awards show is obviously the Oscars, there's another award ceremony that is often just as contentious (and usually way more fun): the Razzies, which have "honored," for the past 34 years, the very worst cinema has to offer.

Amazingly, Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups 2" didn't take home the top prize. Instead, that honor went to "Movie 43," a movie that was a collection of astoundingly unfunny sketches featuring some surprisingly huge names (Kate Winslet, what did they blackmail you with?). Other winners were somewhat more predictable.

In addition to Worst Picture, the Razzies handed "Movie 43" the Worst Director (which will have to be divided amongst the 13 people credited with having a hand in that monstrosity) and Worst Screenplay awards (again: 19 credited writers will have to divvy up the award).

The other big Razzie winner turned out to be "After Earth," the dull-as-dishwater space movie starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith. Will was named Worst Supporting Actor, while Jaden nabbed the Worst Lead Actor award. The pair, described as hopelessly being "stranded on Planet Nepotism," were also granted the award for Worst Screen Combo. Unsurprisingly, they didn't show up to pick up their awards.

Tyler Perry, whose drag persona, Madea, has become the cinematic equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, won Worst Actress for the 8th time (!), while Kim Kardashian, in another Tyler Perry joint ("Temptation"), was bestowed with the Worst Supporting Actress award. Kanye is not going to be happy.

Since we all know the biggest targets are also the easiest, Disney's $250 million adventure "The Lone Ranger," whose street cred seems to have been steadily increasing in the months since its release (it's nominated for two Oscars tonight for crying out loud), was chosen by the Razzies as the Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel. Hi-ho Silver, away!

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