Why More Retailers Need To Drop The 'Plus' From Their Sizing

Taking a cue from lingerie brand Cosabella.

If you're not familiar with Italian lingerie brand Cosabella, their comfy-meets-trendy affordable pieces are not only a fashion mag favorite, but they're also known for celebrating all types of women (see: their post-op mastectomy bras). Most recently, they launched an Extended sizes collection, which "features a variety of the brand's best-selling styles in cup sizes 32-36 D, DD-G and 38 D, DD-F, as well as sizes 12/14, 16/18, 20/22 for underwear," according to Elle. The coolest part? Their decision not to call it "Plus-Size."



Their new line is fronted and modeled by Emily Nolan, the founder of a self-confidence non-profit called TOPLESS, and 20 percent of proceeds will be donated to her organization for the entire month of June. All in all, this is a much-needed collection, and we love the way this brand is encouraging body empowerment by creating a fuller range of lingerie. However, is calling their additional sizes "Extended" any different from calling it "Plus-Size?" Both allude to carrying pieces that are outside of 0-12.

#DropThePlus has been campaigning for retailers to drop any identifier that refers to women's sizes over 12, as the average U.S. woman today is a size 14. Instead of grouping women of a certain size together, why not just carry all the sizes in the first place? Heck, if a model is bigger than a U.S. size 4, she's considered "plus-size," so can you imagine the implications of seeing this girl (below) and discovering she's a "plus-size" model? Their hope is just to call her what she is: a model.

Their site shares an Isaac Mizrahi quote saying, “I don’t want to speak to a plus-sized woman differently than I speak to a woman. I don’t like segregation, I like incorporation, I like integration. If you’re going to do clothes, you need to do them in a whole size range.” We totally agree and love that Cosabella is taking a step in the right direction, but what do you think: should more retailers #droptheplus? Let us know in the comments below!