Jake Gyllenhaal Made 50 Cent Feel 'Cuddly' On The 'Southpaw' Set

Sounds like Fif was intimidated.

50 Cent will be playing the role of Jake Gyllenhaal's character's promoter in the upcoming boxing film “Southpaw,” and while Fif enjoyed his time on set, he also admits that he was feeling a bit body conscious at times.

During an appearance on "LIVE with Kelly & Michael," the rapper-turned-actor explained that Gyllenhaal's physical strength was impressive and maybe even a little intimidating.

From 'Southpaw'"]

“Jake was just in rare form on the entire project and he was in such great shape for it physically,” 50 said. “He was transitioning from what he did in ‘Nightcrawler.' He was really small and then he was buff in this film. He worked [out] really hard, like twice a day for almost six months.”

The G-Unit CEO didn’t feel quite as fit.

“I was cuddly,” he said, laughing. “I was cushiony on this project, because promoters wouldn’t traditionally look like the fighter. I gotta get back in shape, because the whole time I was just seeing that energy from the people watching him, in top condition and at that point [I] was like, 'What happened?' I fell off. I felt like I fell off.”

Despite what he says, 50’s actually in very good shape, especially considering that he’ll be celebrating his 40th birthday on July 6.

During the interview he also talked about his son Sire, whom he regularly posts Instagram photos of.

“He’s gonna be three in September,” Fif revealed, also explaining why he chose his son’s name. “You know how they call the kings sire? So I put sire instead of messiah.”

And, it sounds like Sire is one of the only people on planet Earth who can boss 50 Cent around.

“He’s manipulative,” he said, laughing. “I tell him he can't do something, and he looks [at me], he goes, “Why? But why?”

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