Kesha Explains Why The Internet Is ‘Not A Healthy Place’ For Her

She opens up about bullies, trolls, and her ‘honest’ new music

Kesha may still be in the midst of a tiring legal battle with Dr. Luke, but that doesn’t mean she’s hiding.

On Tuesday (March 14), the singer appeared at a Refinery 29 event at SXSW for a talk about “reclaiming the internet.” She admitted that she’s pared back her online presence in recent years because, even though she appreciates being able to connect to her fans, the internet is “not a healthy place” for her.

“I try to limit myself in terms of reading comments because there can be a million positive ones, but I always gravitate towards the one negative one,” she said. “I hold on to that and I internalize it and I know it’s an unhealthy habit. I’ve stopped reading comments.”

She's also changed her perspective on internet bullies by realizing that it's dangerous to give them too much power over her feelings.

“I was making trolls, I was making bullies, I was making people I had never met before — who were projecting their insecurities on me, on the internet — I was making them the truth, the higher power,” she admitted.

These days, Kesha’s newfound self-confidence is finding its way into her music. While her lawsuit has prevented her from releasing new material, she revealed she has about 80 songs already recorded that she can’t wait to share with the world.

“The new music is just me speaking honestly about the shit I’ve been through in life,” she said. “For the first time ever, without anyone dictating anything — it’s just me speaking directly from my gut.”

The 30-year-old added that she makes music now to prove her haters wrong and to “spread love” and positivity, to others and to herself. “Over the past couple of years I feel like I’ve become a woman in a lot of ways because I’m kind of reclaiming my personal space, my body, my music, and my life,” she said.

Amen to that. Hopefully we get to hear the fruits of her labor soon.