Watch Laverne Cox And Nick Offerman In The Best Sex Ed Video Ever

This 5-minute video may be more informative than a year's worth of sex ed.

Sex ed isn't just the most awkward, uncomfortable class you'll ever take in high school: Depending on where you live, it's also the one class that can completely fail to actually teach you anything you need to know.

In the latest "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver tackles the issue of sex ed in American schools -- particularly the part where abstinence-based programming, squeamish parents, and a total lack of universal education standards can turn your average sex ed class into a giant misinformation-fest. (If you've ever sat through a presentation comparing sexually active teens to chewed gum or used pieces of tape, you know what we're talking about.)

Fortunately, Oliver got a bunch of celebs, including Nick Offerman, Laverne Cox, and Kristen Schaal, to help make a better sex ed video. (Fast forward to about 17:00 to skip the intro and just get educated.)

Five minutes covers all the sex ed essentials, from contraception to consent to the relationship between your menstrual cycle and your bowling skills. (Spoiler alert: Nonexistent.)

Come for the valuable info; stay for the way Nick Offerman's upper lip twitches when he says the word "clitoris."

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