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Nicki Minaj's 'Only' Lyrics About Drake And Lil Wayne Will Leave You Blushing: Listen

Hand me my earmuffs please.

"I never f---ked Wayne, I never f---ed Drake." Yes, that's how Nicki Minaj opens her latest single "Only," which premiered on Tuesday morning (October 28), just like she promised.

And if you were expecting a radio anthem with her latest cut from The PinkPrint, with features Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown -- you were dead wrong. Breezy is featured only on the hook, and the YMCMB rappers don't hold back with the explicit verses that sandwich the chorus. Not exactly made for radio.

After making it clear that she's never had sexual relations with either of her labelmates (we hear you, Bill Clinton), Nicki proceeds to tell us that if she ever did, it would be a ménage à trois. Laawd.

Then Drake opens his verse by retierating that he's never gotten intimate with Nicki -- but he's still waiting for the chance, and Wayne, well, he's definitely not opposed to the idea either.

After one listen, it's clear that Nicki must've been going for irony when she had Drake drawn as a pope in the song's artwork. Ain't nothing holy about this one kids.

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"Only" is also significant because this is the first track that we've heard Drake and Chris Brown on since their infamous feud, but all of that crazy talk in the verses makes it hard to even pay attention to Breezy's hook on the first couple listens. By the way, this is the censored version above. Stay tuned for the explicit, if your heart can handle it.

Looks like things are 100 percent better between Nicki Minaj and Drake since the last time I asked him about the status of their relationship. Hear him explain in the video below...