11 Times Cookie Lyon Gave Us Life On 'Empire'

But when isn’t she giving life, really?

I really miss seeing Cookie Lyon on my TV screen every week. I miss her sass, her witty, killer one liners, and her overall badassness. I’ve lost count of how many times a Cookie quip has made me shout “YASSS Cookie” at the top of my lungs in my living room at this point. Because I’m pretty sure I am not alone in missing the queen of the Lyon pride, and in honor of her return to television next Wednesday, March 30, I had to relive some of her most life-giving moments on Empire so far.

The Broom Beatdown


Cookie Lyon - Broom

Cookie does not tolerate disrespect... especially from her boys... especially when she just got out of prison after 17 years.

The Double Slap


Cookie Lyon -- Slap 1

When Jamal kicks Cookie out of Lucious’s house after her failed hostile takeover attempt, Cookie gets so mad that she slaps him. Then she slaps him a second time. When will these boys learn not to mess with Cookie?

Calling Lucious Out


Cookie Lyon -- Your Son

Cookie ain't got time for games.

The Sandra Bland Nod


Cookie Lyon -- Sandra Bland

One of the most poignant and timely social justice one-liners Empire’s ever done.

Cookie the Fierce ‘Lyoness’


Cookie -- Slap 3


Cookie Lyon -- Slap 2

No one is allowed to touch one of Cookie’s sons except her.

Dinner and Dessert


Cookie Lyon -- Lingerie

Cookie totally killed the game when she showed up to a family dinner in a fierce lingerie set and showed Anika what a “real ass” looked like.

Cookie Sucker Punches Anika


Cookie Lyon -- Sucker punch

Violence is never the answer. However, Cookie did give Anika a solid sock-it-to-me punch that we all knew was inevitable.

Cookie Runs These Streets


Cookie Lyon -- Gun to Head

Cookie pretty much fears no one, which she makes very clear when she checks the street thugs who kidnapped her son. Step to her, get a gun to your head.

Cookie Ain’t Scared


Cookie Lyon -- Ray Rice

When one of Empire’s gangster rappers steps to Cookie, she steps right back to him and lets him know she’s seen scarier in prison.

Hakeem Ain’t Bout It


Cookie Lyon -- '

When Hakeem tries to rap like he’s from the streets, Cookie shuts him down real fast. Real recognizes real, and Hakeem has no street cred. Period.

Cookie In Real Life


Taraji P. Henson -- Wait

OK, so this isn't Empire, but actress Taraji P. Henson is just as turnt up in real life, too. She let the Hollywood Foreign Press know not to interrupt her acceptance speech during the 2016 Golden Globes Awards. This was after she already gave everyone in the audience a cookie on the way to the stage. Love me some Taraji!


Taraji P. Henson -- Cookies

Empire returns to FOX on March 30. There may still be a little while to go before I’m back to seeing my favorite on my screen every week, but I’m sure she’s got even more in store for us. Lord knows I'm ready.

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