NCT 127 Just Kicked Us In The Face With New Single 'Kick It'

The Korean group usher in a confident new era with their signature swag and limitless energy

NCT 127 is shaking things up with latest single "Kick It," an in-your-face banger that highlights the group's signature swagger. The Korean artists are known for their bass-heavy beats and high-energy concepts, and "Kick It" delivers that kind of unwavering bravado fans have come to expect — but it also ushers in a bold new era for NCT 127. They've always been confident and stylish in their delivery, calling themselves the "biggest hit on the stage." But now they're fully owning that title by becoming heroes in their own right.

Visually, "Kick It" is a powerful display of Asian identity. The lush music video is heavily influenced by iconic kung fu films of the '70s, including Enter the Dragon, and Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill series. The song itself also explicitly references legendary martial artist Bruce Lee on the hook with a boisterous refrain that, translated to English, goes, "I throw a straight punch right left Bruce Lee / I'm flying around all day long Bruce Lee." (The Korean title of the single, "영웅," translates to "Hero.")

With vivid aesthetics and dynamic visuals — not to mention, several pivotal shirtless moments — "Kick It" is essential NCT viewing. It also gifts fans with center Jaehyun and center Haechan, in addition to shirtless biker Johnny "I'm Going To Ruin Your Life" Suh, which easily makes it one of their best videos ever. Exhibits A, B, and C below:

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Johnny Suh

"Kick It" is the lead single off NCT 127's new full-length album, Neo Zone. True to the NCT brand, the album is a diverse mix of genres and vibes, from the hip-hop heavy bass and attitude of "Sit Down!" to the bubbly EDM-pop of "Love Me Now" — a true Song of the Summer 2020 contender — to the funky groove of album opener "Elevator." For NCT 127, the goal has always been to take their eclectic, confident vision worldwide. With Neo Zone, that dream is within reach.