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14 Times Your Favorite Pop Stars Brought Holiday Cheer Into The World

?Joy to the world?

This holiday season has been kind of a weird one, all things considered. The lack of snow in the Northeast, the dethroning of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as retailers' premier holiday jam, the constant pressures of a political cycle gone mad -- all of this adds up to a strange, strange December.

But you know who's keeping holiday cheer alive? All your favorite pop stars, of course. It's kind of their responsibility -- that and kick out the jams that warm our frozen, frigid hearts in the wintertime. When everything else looks bleak, we can count on them to keep spreading the spirit of Christmastime when we need it the most. This year, their efforts have looked like this:

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

"Do you want to build a snowman?" is presumably what Tay asked bae as the pair donned Night's Watch-level winter gear and trudged into the icy plains of snow country.

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris & Austin Swift

"Of course," Cal responded, "but only if your brother can help." And so help Austin Swift did, creating something Tay and Co. could be revel in. "Really proud of ourselves over here," she wrote on Instagram.

Taylor Swift's Dad

"I will stay inside and hang the colorful decor upon our Christmas tree," ultimate dad Scott Swift said to his family, probably, before creating a warm scene of placid yuletide cheer.

Little Mix's Perrie

As we've pointed out before, Little Mix have had no problem absolutely crushing the Christmas game this season. Perrie Edwards sitting on Santa's lap is just the latest proof.

Little Mix's Jade

And so is Jade Thirlwall's family's Christmas-themed loo roll.

Justin Bieber

Nothing like a Santa hat upon an ever-changing, follicle-switching head, wouldn't you say?

Justin Bieber & Posh Mall Santa

Well, I mean, one of them had to wear one.

Sam Smith

"Just came home and my house has been CHRISTMASFIED x," Smith wrote of this glowing scene of sheer mirth and eternal joy.


"Dance of The Sugarplum Fairy" has never sounded more...colorful...than it did when Pentatonix literally lit up the Empire State Building with their version.

Tori Kelly

Another a cappella take on a Christmas classic, this one finds Tori high up on the roof of the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, warming us forever.

An Ariana Grande-Affiliated Pooch

This is not Toulouse Grande, Ari's beloved pup and fragrance commercial co-star, but we're all about her -- whomever she may belong to.

Ellie Goulding

We're very familiar with Ellie's ability to kick our asses into gear via music, but her fitspo game is strong, too, and apparently so is her Fitmas game.

Miley Cyrus

On Tuesday, Miley dressed up like an elf and told us that she had "a presssssie for yiew ?☃❤️ cummmminnnn soooon," so we're pretty pumped about that. And she's already given us so much this year! What a true Kringle.

The Weeknd

Never change, man.