Zayn Tries And Fails To Play It Smooth On New Song 'Fingers'

His fingers aren't broken, but his heart is ๐Ÿ’”

Zayn's string of 2018 releases have really run the gamut, genre-wise โ€” from the poppy "Let Me," to the rocking "Sour Diesel," to the Timbaland collab "Too Much" โ€” but the crooner's newest single brings him right back to Mind Of Mine territory.

"Fingers" is an alluring slow jam about texting and unrequited love, with Z playing the part of the brooding yearner. "I've been fucked and I want ya / I can't even text ya / 'Cause my fingers ain't broken, but my heart is," he laments over a pitched-up vocal sample, with his signature hazy tone. He admits he's not as "smooth" as he wants to be, but he admirably finds the will to send one last text: "If you wanna let me know where you hiding, I could come and love you."

It's unclear if this is the "sick tune" Zayn thinks is fit for a Cardi B feature, but no doubt she'd sound phenomenal on this โ€” it's got a "Ring"-esque quality to it.

"Fingers" is presumably the latest taste of Zayn's currently unscheduled sophomore album, the follow-up to 2016's Mind Of Mine. At this point, the project is still shrouded in mystery, but Z's had a pretty productive 2018, dropping a handful of buzz tracks and a few action-packed music videos. Hopefully he'll bring "Fingers" to life in a similarly unique way โ€” and drop some clues about that new album.

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