Kailyn Lowry On 'Teen Mom 2' Finale Comments: 'I'm Deeply Sorry'

The young mother says her words weren't representative of her character.

Kailyn Lowry's relationship with her ex, Jo Rivera, has been tense since the very first episode of "Teen Mom 2." Over the years, the two have learned how to communicate better and co-parent civilly, but during tonight's Season 5 finale, their ability to resolve their issues maturely was tested in a big way.

When Kail wasn't happy with the way her ex had been dressing their son Isaac, she sent some racially insensitive texts to him. We spoke with Kail recently and she was apologetic for her poor choice of words.

"I’m deeply sorry for making those comments," she said. "They were not representative of who I am. Diversity is something I value, especially in my own family."


Kail, whose husband Javi is Hispanic, told us that she was just trying to convey to Jo that he wasn't dressing Isaac consistent with how she usually does. She said she felt Jo should have considered her and Javi's tastes when picking out Isaac's clothes and styling his hair, but that they resolved the disagreement quickly and have put it behind them.

Co-parenting is nothing short of challenging, but bit by bit, Jo and Kailyn are learning to communicate openly and respect each other's opinions.

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