'I'm All About Girl Power': Cara Maria Talks Her History-Making 'Challenge' Victory

The 'Fresh Meat' alum is the first solo winner ever

Cara Maria has made Challenge history: The Fresh Meat alum bested Zach, Kyle and Kailah (in that order) to claim the Vendettas crown and become the game's first-ever solo winner. Two words: GIRL POWER.


"Nobody can take away anything that I did because everybody in the final -- girl and guy -- was all for him/herself," the two-time winner recently told MTV News (as seen in the video below). "Nobody could help each other. I wore the same armor as every guy, I carried the same box as every guy, I carried the same chains around my ankles as every guy. So it goes to show anything can happen -- anything. And I'm all about girl power. A girl did it, and I couldn't be happier."

So how would Cara describe her road to the victory -- and how did she overcome the curveballs thrown her way? Watch her reflect in the clip, then congratulate her for the W in the comments.

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