The 50 Most Traumatizing Moments from Kids' Movies Certainly Deliver

You know what's funny about movies for children? Viewed through the right eyes (young, vulnerable human beings who often can't tell the difference between fiction and reality), kid flicks can be terrifying -- nay, traumatizing. Ask any adult and s/he will tell you that there was at least one movie whose scenes haunted them in their early days. In fact, College Humor managed to wrangle up fifty prime examples to smash into a very sharable mashup.

Evil elephants in "Dumbo"? The stampede in "The Lion King"? Basically every sequence in "Home Alone"? These are the things nightmares are made of, nightmares that single-handedly cause millions of kids to lose sleep, night after night. Films like these have stayed with you deep into adulthood, which is the very reason anyone suggests we watch "Witches," we politely excuse ourselves to the bathroom...for, er, about ninety minutes or so.

Some things never change.