19 'House Of Style' Moments We'll Never Forget

From Cindy Crawford's visit with the 'Fresh Prince' to Joan Smalls trading beauty tips with Laura Jane Grace.

We probably don't need to remind you, but we're mere DAYS away from the latest season of House of Style with our fancy new host Iggy Azalea. If you're biting your nails in anticipation like we are, we've got a little something to tide you over until the big August 4 premiere: VINTAGE HOUSE OF STYLE EPISODES! The legendary MTV show is dripping with fashion and music history, and if you missed it the first time around (or were just too young to work a remote during the original run), it's high time you get caught up.

On Set With The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air


We suggest starting with OG host Cindy Crawford's visit with Will Smith on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for the goofiest (and cutest) snapshot of the '90s. The sideways hats! Will's tank top! Cindy mispronouncing "Humpty Hump"!

How To Walk Like A Supermodel

House of Style let us peek behind the curtain into the lives of supermodels by sharing their skills with the world.

A Day In The Life Of Gwen Stefani

HOS continues to bring us some of the greatest moments in music and fashion—like that time Gwen Stefani talked to Shalom Harlow about adding extra zippers to her pants.

Pat Smear Hit The Mall With The Spice Girls

Or that time Pat Smear raided Contempo Casuals (better known as Wet Seal) with the Spice Girls. Spoiler alert: Sporty Spice wore a SKIRT exclusively for us.

Naughty By Nature Goes Shopping

Another reason Iggy is the perfect host for the House of Style update: The show is always invested in chronicling the love affair between fashion and hip-hop. From shopping for streetwear staples of Naughty by Nature...

Puff Daddy Prepares For The '97 VMAs the high fashion designer stylings of Diddy (then Puff Daddy) getting ready for the 1997 VMAs.

Jean Paul Gaultier's Music Video

HOS also shows us that the fashion x music relationship is a two-way street thanks to a music video by a little French designer you might have heard of: Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jon Stewart Shadows Cindy For A Day

But most of all, House of Style makes an impact because it never took itself too seriously. (Also, this episode with Jon Stewart definitely still holds up today.)

Cindy And Tracey Ullman Play Dress Up

It follows the mantra that fashion should be fun.

Dennis Rodman Models Banana Hammocks

And at times, it can even be a little controversial.

Backstage At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It's open and inclusive while giving us an insider scoop on the industry.

Todd Time: Lazy Guy Tips

Before the term "DIY" was even coined, HOS supplied us with easily replicable hacks with Todd Time.

Salt-N-Pepa Model Summer Styles

And it always keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends in fun and interesting ways.

Destiny's Child Gets Ready For The VMAs

House of Style gives us access to our faves (like Destiny's Child) before they blow up. (In this clip, take special note of how almost no one is freaking out that Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle just exited their vehicle. *SIGH* Silly year-2000 bbs. They had no idea they were witnessing a legendary moment.)

X-Girl Streetwear Fashion Show

To be honest, much of what was covered by House of Style back in the day—for example, then-emerging streetwear label X-Girl—is being rediscovered and revered now. (P.S. Holy cameos in this clip!)

Duran Duran And Cindy Go To Sears

Ultimately, the show helps to make fashion more relatable. (Who hasn't spent an afternoon roaming around a mall crafting the weirdest outfits possible?)

Lil' Kim Models Swimsuits

It makes fashion more entertaining. (Who wouldn't be entertained by Lil' Kim modeling swimsuits no human could actually swim in?)

Joan Smalls Visits Laura Jane Grace

And on the complete flip side, it helps show that fashion can also be deeply, wonderfully meaningful.

Hanging Out With Naomi Campbell

House of Style makes considerable strides in tearing down the wall of exclusivity and unattainability surrounding fashion—with its impossibly gorgeous models and luxury price tags way out of most people's tax brackets. It breaks that mold with segments like Naomi Campbell's iconic zit cream beauty routine and makes fashion feel accessible.

The reason it all holds up—even 25 years after its inception—is because the show was (and still is) less about fashion and more about style as a vehicle of self-expression. House of Style is never overtly prescriptive and embraces all styles as valid, and for that, we'll always love it.

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