'American Idol' Alum Kellie Pickler Wishes Her Season Had The 'Save'

'Maybe I could have got saved,' singer jokes.

Although [artist id="2385935"]Kellie Pickler[/artist] hasn't had much time to catch up on the latest season of "American Idol," there is one thing she's heard about that she wishes would have existed back in season five when she was on the show.

"I know they've changed a lot. I'm not really sure exactly what all the changes have been," she said. "I wish they'd have had [[article id="1606858"]the judges' 'save'[/article]] when I was there. Maybe I could have got saved!"

Pickler may not be able to watch as frequently as she wants, but she is hoping that others are watching because she is proud to have been on the show. "I have not been able to watch it religiously, 'cause I'm on the road a lot," she said. "So I don't really get to follow any television show but I do love the show."

The former "Idol" contestant also has a little advice for the current hopefuls: Don't let the competition stress you out. "I think it's all about having a good time, and as long as you're enjoying yourself, success is defined by happiness," she said. "So just have fun and enjoy it, and pick songs that you love and just have a good time."

When asked if, like many former "Idol" contestants before her, she'll be coming back this season to make an appearance, Pickler remained coy. (See which "Idol" alum you hope will return to the show, in our Newsroom poll.) "You'll have to watch, so that's all I'm saying," she teased, hinting to the fact that she might sing her new single "Best Days of Your Life." "That's a possibility -- we'll see."

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