Here's What We Are The In Crowd Did On Their Summer Vacation

Feel the Warped Tour FOMO.

Summer is trickling to a close and you are likely looking back fondly at your dying vacation -- all the ice cream you ate, all the beaches you hit, all the friends you tagged on Instagram...

Sure, you probably had a pretty all right vacay (who went to arts camp? raise your hand!), but you probably didn't have a better collection of hot months than We Are The In Crowd.

After dropping their newest album, Weird Kids, earlier this year, the New York pop punk band spent their summer partying on the Vans Warped Tour, and judging from the snaps they sent our way after punk rock summer camp wrapped for the year -- they had a much better vacation than any of us. And it isn't even over yet -- they're heading to the Philippines for Bazooka Rocks at the end of the summer.

Put away that lanyard and stop admiring your tan -- behold the ultimate summer below:

Here's Cam just goofin' off with Sean from Yellowcard, like one does -- if one is AWESOME

Just a little photobomb fun, like we all have -- courtesy of Fil from Neck Deep (what!?)

Courtney Coles

Pup-petting break!

Tay tearing it up

Chillin' backstage-side with Tony from State Champs

Courtney Coles

This makes all your 'I'm having so much fun!' selfies look like lies

Courtney Coles

They also got to play with tons of awesome bands -- like Bayside

And Enter Shikari

Also, the dudes from Bayside were giving free haircuts and hanging with All Time Low

Best summer ever!

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