Jeezy's New Album Has Him Feeling Like Tupac, Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

More motivation.

Before Jeezy became a rapper, he used to look to Tupac Shakur's music to get him through his tough times. Now, the Snowman wants to pass that type of inspiration on to you with his upcoming LP Seen It All

"When I listen to a lot of 'Pac's albums and a lot of his records, it was like then when I listened to 'em, I loved 'em because they sounded great and I loved him as an artist and what he represented," Jeezy told MTV News on Saturday after his performance at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta.

"But now I listen to 'em because it helps me get through my day, because what he was talking about then, applies to me now," he continued. "So I feel like Seen It All is that for me."

The release date for Jeezy's upcoming fifth solo LP is still up in the air, but when talking about the project, there is no guess work for the ATL trap champion. He knows exactly where he's going.

"This is gonna be your bible, this is gonna be your manual," he said, promising a roadmap that will get his fans through the twists and turns of life. "I'm not gonna tell you that everything gonna be okay, that everything's gonna be alright, but the moral to the story is never quit, never let up. A win is a win. That's what this album is about."

Jeezy is fast-approaching the 10-year anniversary of his 2005 classic debut Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, and he's proud of his growth. "I came in the game hard, I stood on my own 10 toes and I'm respected by the greats. That's Jay Z and anybody else you could name," he said boastfully. "I never watered my brand down or diluted who I was. That takes a lot of guts, that takes a lot of hustle and courage and ambition. So with Seen It All, it's all that in one."

The "My President" spitter promises to never compromise his beliefs and is on such an inspired run that he takes a few liberties comparing himself to two of our country's most iconic leaders. "I ain't no different from a Martin Luther King or a Malcolm X," he says without a hint of hesitation. "At the end of the day, they all believed in what they believed in. I feel like that's what Seen It All Is. This is what I been through; how can I help you?"

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