Killer Mike Wants People To Watch This Eye-Opening Experiment

Plus, he shares his love for Bernie Sanders.

Looking cozy as ever in some sweatpants and a sweater -- his "PTA outfit," as he called it -- Killer Mike stopped by "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday night.

He briefly discussed his upcoming Coachella performance with El-P as Run the Jewels, and also mentioned their third album, which is on the way. He also suggested everyone watch the Jane Elliott Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes project, part of which you can view below, and you can also go more in depth with a PBS "Frontline" piece on it.

That was the lead-in to a major focus of the interview, with Mike's take on race relations and issues of inequality in this country, and his continued stumping for Bernie Sanders.

"This opportunity in history is not gonna come in another 20 years; not gonna come in another two years," he said of the presidential candidate. "So if we don't take this opportunity right now, we're gonna be sitting around a campfire, mad, 'cause they've nuked the world to hell, I'm afraid."