Taylor Swift Answers Those Album Clues... Without Saying Anything About Her Album

Sly Swift. Sly sly sly Swift.

What a clever gal Taylor Swift is. The whole time she was dishing out hints on Instagram, we thought she was trying to tell us something about her album. But Monday morning (August 11), Taylor tweeted that those clues were all pointing toward her live stream on August 18. Although the clues didn't tell us anything about her upcoming album, my sleuthing skills are telling me the live stream will.

Exihibit A? Taylor announced Red during a live stream in 2012. So you know something big is going down. She told us to tune in on August 18 at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT on Yahoo! and started the hashtag #TaylorSwiftYahoo7Days. Her website also gives us the opportunity to host our own Taylor Swift Live Stream Party and lets New York City fans enter for a chance to see the live stream in person.

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The singer rolled out three photo clues in the past week -- in the first one, she hit the 18th floor button in an elevator, the second was her iPhone background with 5:00 on it, and the last was a Yahoo! search bar. The hints had fans wild, but looking back, the trio of 'grams make perfect sense now.

Aaaaand commence Swiftie freakouts. I'll be smiling at everyone today.

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