Lil Wayne Brushes Off Court Deposition With Humorous Irreverence

Video from June proceeding shows Weezy stubbornly answering questions from Quincy Jones III's attorney, Pete Ross.

These days everything Lil Wayne does makes major headlines, but the Young Money boss took things to another level after footage of a June legal proceeding hit the Internet on Tuesday (September 25).

TMZ unearthed edited footage from a deposition, where Weezy brushes off numerous questions from attorney Pete Ross with humorous irreverence. Ross represents Quincy Jones III, who directed the 2009 Lil Wayne documentary "The Carter." Back in September it was reported that Tunechi filed a suit against the director claiming that the film was a "scandalous portrayal" of him and during the June deposition, the rapper appeared dismissive and uncooperative.

Ross confirmed with MTV News that the footage, though edited, was from the actual deposition with Weezy but declined further comment, noting that the trial will begin in two weeks.

In the video, after Ross asks the rapper to verify that he had given an interview with Katie Couric, referring to his 2009 Grammy-themed talk with the star journalist, Wayne tells the lawyer exactly what is on his mind. "Pete Ross, that's a stupid-ass question," Weezy fired before pointing to a television that appears off camera. "You just saw me on there giving an interview with her."

The lawyer goes on to grill the multiplatinum rapper about a 2008 performance with Kanye West and his 2007 gun arrest in New York, Wayne claimed to have no recollection of either event. When Ross asked Wayne if he remembered his 2010 stint on Rikers Island, the rapper simply responded, "I don't know."

Things began to get more strange. Before Ross could even get out his questions, Weezy blurts out "I don't know." After he is instructed by the judge on-hand to wait until the lawyer completes his question, Wayne apologies. "I'm sorry that's my psychic, I'm sorry," he said.

By the end of the video, the deposition has seemingly gone nowhere and Wayne takes his taunts up a level higher. "You know he can't save you right," he asks Ross before motioning to the judge. "In the real world, that guy right there, he can't save you in the real world."

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