Miguel Is 'Still So In Love' With 'Kaleidoscope Dream'

'Adorn' singer tells MTV News he is 'creating every day,' but not ready to release a new album.

Miguel's sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream, makes ladies swoon and has already spawned jams like "Adorn" and "Do You," as well as his latest single, "How Many Drinks?"

And Miguel isn't stopping there: He already has big plans for the album's visual rollout. He hoped he could drop a video for every song on it, but he admits that goal might be a bit lofty. "I have a couple ideas [for what's next]. If I could, I would shoot a video for every song on the album," he told MTV News last week at the [article id="1706234"]Time 100 Gala[/article]. "You know, we'll see. We'll just kind of roll with the punches."

With so many people jumping on the Miguel bandwagon, including longtime crush [article id="1706302"]Mariah Carey, who recently recruited him[/article] to appear on her next single, [article id="1706372"]"Beautiful,"[/article] some folks might be wondering when more of his new music is on the horizon. While he's thought about his next album, he's not slated to drop music anytime soon.

"I'm still creating every day. I don't think I'm necessarily focused on the next album. I'm still so in love with this album," he said. "But I'm creating all the time. When we get to that bend, I think we'll be ready."

Until then, fans can just continue playing "Adorn" on repeat. " 'Adorn' has opened a majority of the doors ... and I think [article id="1701724"]performing that song at the Grammys[/article] had a huge impact in just creating awareness," he said of the February performance featuring Wiz Khalifa.

"But it's just one of those things. It's like you can never really pick," he continued about choosing singles. "I'm not good at picking those songs, so you have to give it to Mark Pitts [the president of Urban Music-RCA Records], who really believed in the song. And my fans chose it, really. But Mark Pitts is my advocate at the label who signed me and he really believed in this record to be a single. And it's been the most impactful record of my career. He always likes to say 'You can never change direction if you want to direct the change.' "