Court Decision: Where Does Amber's Teen Mom OG' Case Stand?

The mother of two had some much-needed support during tonight's premiere

Amber had her first court appearance related to her arrest and multiple felony charges during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode: The mother of two was able to make bail, but she had not seen her ex Andrew or son James since the July 4 incident. And Maci, Catelynn and Cheyenne all traveled to Indiana to support the mother of two and attend the preliminary hearing.

"You guys are making me feel a lot better right now," Amber said shortly after reuniting with the trio (and exchanging a much-needed group hug).


And while Amber couldn't discuss the circumstances surrounding the ordeal with her ex Andrew, she admitted she was "scared" for what was to come and there was "no way to release it."

"Do you want to scream?" Cheyenne posed.

At first Amber hesitated, but then the foursome let out big shriek -- which put smiles on everyone's faces.

7_Moms_Screaming (1)

When it came time for Amber to face her fate regarding the order of protection of her son James (she had not seen her little boy since the arrest), Gary, Kristina and the rest of the Teem Mom OG cast was by her side at the courthouse.

Ultimately, the judge ruled in Amber's favor, and she was permitted to have visits with James. However, an official gag order was put in place regarding the custody case.

"I'm over here almost in tears talking to my lawyers, like you have no emotion," she reflected to the group about James' father (who opted not to tell his side of the story to MTV) as they left the court.

And before Maci, Cate and Chey went back to their respective homes, the women offered a visibly emotional Amber more encouragement.

"I feel like everybody is just looking at me like a piece of sh*t right now," Amber sobbed.

"No, they're not," Cheyenne stated, as she sweetly comforted her.

Amber's legal journey is far from over -- but one thing is for sure: Her MTV family has her back. Keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday at 8/7c to see it all unfold.

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