Behind The Jonas Brothers Breakup: Find Out Who Called It Quits

'I initiated the conversation because it needed to be had,' Nick Jonas tells MTV News.

After a "big disagreement" broke the Jonas Brothers up back in October of 2013, fans are still scratching their heads over what really happened for the trio to not only call it quits, but to do so just days before their 19-date reunion tour was scheduled to kick off.

So when MTV News caught up with Nick Jonas, who was promoting his solo debut, we had to know if there was any chance of the group getting back together.

"It's an interesting world where I feel like there is a lot of goodwill towards, um, that happening someday," Nick replied. "I'm not counting it out, it may, someday down the road but for right now my focus really is on what I'm doing and taking this time to try and kill it by myself."

While Nick claimed the JoBros' decision to breakup was unanimous, he admitted that he was the one who proposed a change.

"I initiated the conversation because it needed to be had. We just reached a point where we weren't creating the kind of music that we needed to create to really progress and it wasn't really healthy in that respect anymore," he explained. "We're all going to have our steps towards the future, defining what our next moves are and mine have sort of fallen into place this year with the [DirecTV] show and with the music in a great organic way."

Although Nick says the guys are cool with his new direction -- "I know at the end of the day my family and my brothers are really proud of that and excited to see where it goes," he says -- Nick's made a conscious effort to keep his distance from them while making the LP.

"My brothers, I think they've each heard, like, two songs from the album. I've kept it pretty under wraps, I haven't really played it for anybody besides from people I've been working with a part from my management team and things like that. I felt like in a lot of ways it's mine and that's something I really wanted to protect until I was really ready to share it with the world," Nick said. "I want the question out there to be 'Who is Nick Jonas?' Because I don't think a lot of people know. They may have ideas in there head about who he is -- he being me -- but this album has a lot of range and a lot of dept and it'll be really interesting to see what [my brothers] think after they hear it all."

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When Joe and Kevin finally do get the chance to listen to the record in full, they'll discover that not only did they serve as the muse for some of the tracks, but the making of this album helped Nick cope with many of the group's recent changes as well.

"There's a couple songs that touch on trust and fear and family specifically. I think as it relates to family, just, you know, my life has changed so dramatically and my relationship with my family has evolved into what it is today and it definitely wasn't easy. It's been a process for all of us, to sort of take our steps out and branch out and become the people we need to become separate to the group but I feel like, you know, at the end of the day we all love each other," he said. "We're brothers and that's never going to change so now we can go and do what we need to do and feeling that release and being able to talk about it in this music has been great, a great way to process some of it all because it is a lot and a major life adjustment."

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