Logic Isn't Upset That His Debut Album Got No Radio Spins

Plus, the rapper opens up to MTV News about his new album and accusations of biting.

Logic's debut album, Under Pressure, sold 72,000 copies in its first week in 2014. His follow up, The Incredible True Story, which dropped last Friday, is on pace to move close to 100,000 units in its first seven days on shelves.

Those are pretty impressive numbers, given that just a few years ago, the Maryland MC was building his fanbase with a stream of free mixtapes and touring, on the indie label Visionary Music Group. And while Visionary is still front and center in everything he does, he and the team linked with Def Jam for a partnership prior to his first album.

But at times it's hard to see what benefits that relationship has tangibly reaped -- Logic has always used the Internet to connect directly with his fans, sell merch and tour, but he hasn't yet enjoyed one of the supposed perks of being aligned with a major label: A radio hit.

"I don't think I'm disappointed," Logic told MTV News earlier this week, during an interview where he also discussed his new album, marriage, getting an e-mail from Rick Rubin and accusations of biting. "Things take time. If my objective was to be the next, coolest mainstream rapper, I would have been upset. But my objective was to sell records with real music and ultimately just make music that people enjoy and love.

"To be able to do the numbers that I'm doing -- even though it ain't about that sh-t -- I'm able to do that without, essentially, that push from last year. But don't get me wrong: They [at Def Jam] work hard. Everybody's working hard."

So, given that he hasn't yet had those mainstream looks, does he still feel like being on a major is helpful for his career?

"Without a doubt," the 25-year-old said. "I think monetarily is literally the biggest. And then, obviously, distribution and things like that. Everybody in that building, they're awesome. It's like a family over there.

"For me, it's all about the progression and working together."