Big Sean And A$AP Ferg Are Chased By Zombified Tiny Tikes In 'Bezerk'

They also fly across the sky in giant du-rags and surf on pavement

If you're not scratching your head after watching Big Sean and A$AP Ferg's new video for "Bezerk," you might have been watching the wrong thing. This video is a wild one, requiring you to wonder aloud what the hell is actually going on. There's one thing to understand about it though: energy.

That never changes, whether the rappers are flying across the sky propelled by the capes of giant du-rags or are surfing across pavement that has been turned into hair waves. You should probably watch what you drink though; that looks to be the cause of the wild happenings that occur over the course of this chaotic three-and-a-half-minute visual.

The video starts with Sean and Ferg walking out of a convenience store where they purchase some snacks and engage in some chuckle-worthy banter. The serious takeaway from it? Watch what drinks you buy from stores that are cheap; they could have adverse health effects. Then a young girl approaches them, and they turn their attention to her with a greeting. Without talking, she throws a drink at them that explodes. The video turns into something that doesn't really make sense.

It's probably best just to break down the scenes. The rappers – along with Hit-Boy, the song's producer – ride surfboards across the street, which has become coarse black hair. They run for their lives away from the girl from the first scene and other kids her age, wearing different colored tracksuits on that match the colors of their eyes. Big Sean dangles off of a gigantic, Big Ben-sized clock without a fear in the world. And at the end, the rappers party with a large crowd of people in white tees inside of what looks to be a juice bottle. It's awesome.

Big Sean and A$AP Ferg debuted "Bezerk" online shortly before they ripped the stage at the 2019 VMAs last month. Delivering impromptu dance moves and being backed up by dancers who jumped around the stage like bouncing balls, the pair had to have burned at least 3,000 calories between the both of them.

Watch "Bezerk," the wildest video you'll see today, up above.

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