Get Ready, Because Selena Gomez Says Her Next Album Is Her Best Ever

'It's the best that I've ever done and you guys won't be disappointed,' Selena promises.

Selena Gomez is on her grind. For you. She is working day and night to cook up an album that she guarantees will blow Selenators away.

We know this because she told us on Thursday during a Google Hangout to discuss her new Adidas NEO collection. "I've been endlessly working on my new album, that's almost kind of close to being done," Gomez said. "So I've been working in Mexico — I've been in the studio constantly, and I'm so anxious for you guys to see everything and hear everything. But just know that it's the best that I've ever done and you guys won't be disappointed. I wish I could play it for you now but I can't."

We don't know much about it so far, but a few months ago, Selena did hint that there would definitely be some "darkness" on her follow-up to 2013's Stars Dance.

There was the requisite fashion talk (fyi Selena's current fashion sense if "casual and easy" and her go-to right now is jumpsuits), but she did get into some serious topics, like bullying and her take on the meaning of life.

"Bullying. I'd get rid of bullying," she said when asked what she would change about the world if she could. "People are so mean, it's exhausting." Also, she loves being scared and has once visited a haunted hospital on her birthday. For real.

And when it comes to that whole "what is it all about" thing, she said. "If I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, then I'm doing something wrong," she said. "I think life is very, very, very hard and I've never had anything come super easy to me no matter what people may think, and I continue to be the best I can be and I just want to enjoy it. We only have one life and it is very precious, there's a lot that we can do and there's a lot that we should do. If you're good and you're kind to other people and you work hard and you're actually doing something with your life, I think that's so fulfilling."

(Jump to 11:50 to hear about the album.)

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