Taylor Swift Just Took The Ice Bucket Challenge -- Watch Her Get Drenched

BFF Jaime King did it right alongside her at Taylor's VMA rehearsal.

The headline kinda says it all right? You're about to watch Taylor Swift get doused with a bucket of ice cold water at her VMA rehearsal (she's performing live at the 2014 VMAs Sunday, August 24, in case you haven't heard). Watching the perfectly put-together queen of heartbreak get absolutely DRENCHED with water is just too good to pass up.

Even Swifties will love watching her go through the trial of freezing water and SCREAM her head off at how cold it is. Her response right before the water hits? "Oh dear GOD we're gonna do this!"

This is the woman who makes sure she looks flawless even after the gym, and yet, for the sake of ALS awareness and fundraising, she will let herself become bedraggled. In front of everyone.

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And while some people have been complaining that the ice bucket dousing is just a trend that takes away from actually donating to ALS, Taylor shows up with her cold hard cash in hand. Which is colder, all those bills that Tay Tay is holding or the ice water that douses her? We might have a cold, hard tie on our hands.

She really is a good Samaritan huh? Oh yeah, and one of her many BFFs Jaime King is doing it with her. Watch her get drench below.

The girls were nominated by Lily Aldrige, Ingrid Michaelson and Jamie's husband Kyle Newman. And in return, Taylor nominates Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Ed Sheeran, while Jaime passes the buck to Lena Dunham, Topher Grace and the entire cast of "Hart of Dixie."

Looks like this ice bucket thing is going to be around for a while still. But will Selena, Emma and Ed accept??

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