Yes, A Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Romance Is Really Happening

It's a cryo-sleep dream come true.

The most beautiful combination of words ever to exist in the English language is as follows: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, in love, in space.

Even more beautiful: They're not just words. According to The Wrap, "Passengers," featuring Pratt and Lawrence as cryo-sleeping residents of a traveling spacecraft is officially moving forward at Sony Pictures. Pratt will star as a man who awakens in transit, 90 years too early; Lawrence will play the woman he wakes up to keep him company.

The last time we heard about this movie, it was just an incredible possibility for which the stars were both in rumored talks. But now it's real -- it's really REAL! -- and we can get busy getting fully stoked about all the reasons Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence belong together onscreen, because seriously, they're perfect.

For one, they're basically the two hottest working actors on the planet.


Pratt is the new HBOC of the Marvel universe and coming straight from the giant box-office record-setter "Jurassic World." Lawrence is Mystique and Katniss Everdeen, plus an Oscar winner and multiple nominee. The sheer star power of these two combined is going to make one incredible movie, if it doesn't trigger the apocalypse first.

Great chemistry is guaranteed.


Chris and Jennifer are each so funny and charming, all by themselves, that they don't actually even need a costar to make a romance -- but together, that charm will combine to create something legitimately magic.

And nevermind the movie: Think of the interviews.


Even if "Passengers" is somehow terrible (which would never happen), you'll still get an international media tour featuring the two hottest people in Hollywood who are congenitally incapable of feeling shame. Can you even imagine the GIFs that will come out of this? It's gonna be a goldmine!