Summer Walker Cut 20 Tour Dates So She Can Heal: 'I Want To Give You All I Can'

She's scaling down her trek because of social anxiety

Summer Walker has pulled 20 show dates from her First and Last tour. She announced yesterday (November 12) that she's dealing with social anxiety and needs to scale back a bit for her peace of mind. The singer, who recently dropped her debut studio album, Over Itjust wants to take it easy as she gets acclimated to such a high level of fame.

Walker posted a video to Twitter informing fans that she was nixing tour dates because performing was taking a toll on her introverted personality. "I really hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day, I'm a person, I have feelings, I get tired, I get sad, and it's just a lot," she said. "I don't want to lose myself for someone else. I want to give you all that I can."

Earlier this month, Walker hinted at possibly leaving the music industry altogether. In an Instagram caption, she implied that, after wrapping up the now-shortened trek, she'd be done. "Y'all can have the music & ima just head out. fuck the interviews, photo shoots, videos, & really the shows too. I'll finish this tour out tho," she wrote.

Last month, Walker dropped Over It that featured Drake, Jhené Aiko, and more. She also performed for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series.

Check out Walker's explanation video up above.

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