Ariana Grande Revealed Her New Album Title — And It’s Literally Out Of This World

The sneaky songstress has been dropping hints all along!

If you’re a diehard Arianator, chances are you’re already well aware that Ariana Grande seems to have discovered a new fetish for the moon. For weeks, she’s been littering her Twitter and Instagram accounts with mentions of “moonlight,” even going so far as to permeate her obsession with a new tattoo.

Turns out, all that obsessing over the lunar body wasn’t for naught — the 21-year-old was dropping major hints the whole time, and has finally revealed that Moonlight is the title of her upcoming third album.

On Friday morning (April 29), the “One Last Time” songstress made our day when she shared a taste of new lyrics, which many fans assumed were from “Moonlight,” the project’s rumored title track. However, Ari soon clarified that the lyrics are actually from the album’s intro.

She later confirmed in a convo with a lucky fan that “Moonlight” is both the name of a song AND of the album, her follow-up to last year’s My Everything.

In another fan exchange, Ari spilled a couple more deets about the new track, teasing a cute story behind it and divulging that she wrote it with Victoria Monet, who also co-penned her songs “My Everything,” “Only 1,” and “Cadillac Song.”

The news should come as no surprise to Ariana fans, who have undoubtedly noticed Ari’s recent fascination with “moonlight” (the word is currently the entirety of her Twitter bio). In April, she kicked off rumors about its significance when she denied it was the name of her fragrance, but teased that it was still something important.

At the time, we were all, “OK, she’s just a night owl who maybe has a thing for Buzz Lightyear.” But then the clues kept pouring in...

First there was the tiny crescent moon tattoo she splurged on two months ago.

Then she credited the moon with getting her creative juices flowing.

The blood moon in April was especially awesome.

She insisted her fans refer to as “moonlight” instead of “sunshine.”

She even calls herself a “moonlight princess.”

And she brags about her Arianators when they make cute tributes to her using the whimsical nickname.

She even sips on something called “moonlight tea,” which we can only assume is brewed from glow sticks and fairy dust.

Bottom line: Ari’s new album title definitely seems to fit her aesthetic — all the black, white, and purple hues she’s known for practically scream “celestial.” Now that we finally have some brand new, straight-from-the-source details to obsess over, the wait is on for our favorite moonlight princess’ new batch of dreamy tunes.

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