Eminem Doesn't Allow Profanity At Home

'I'm a parent; I have daughters,' Em explains in preview of Sunday's '60 Minutes' interview.

Like many hip-hop stars, [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] uses all types of four-letter words and adult topics in his music, and [article id="1438949"]Shady has famously come under fire[/article] for what critics have dubbed "hate-filled," anti-gay lyrics. But the rapper has revealed that when he comes home, he leaves his potty mouth at work.

In a preview released Friday (October 8) from his upcoming interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," which is set to air Sunday, Em describes his household as a swearing-free zone.

"I'm a parent; I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound as a person like walking around my house [saying] 'Bitch, pick this up!' Profanity around my house, no," Em told news anchor Anderson Cooper.

The "Not Afraid" rapper said he maintains a distinct division between how he expresses himself through his work and how he communicates with his loved ones.

"I'm not saying there's not glimpses of me in the music, there's not truth in things that I say," Em explained. "But this is music, this is my art and this is what I do."

Em has built a game-changing hip-hop career on his brash lyricism and his rowdy Slim Shady persona, but the Detroit MC has mentioned that he calmed down in the booth for his latest chart-topping release, Recovery.

"Shady still exists, but I don't think the subjects on this record call for, you know, bringing the chainsaws and axes out and murder[ing] everyone," he told the [article id="1641778"]New York Times[/article] in June. "There was so much stuff like that off the last record that I felt like I was starting to run it into the ground. I think consciously I went in a different direction with this record."

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