Sean Connery Confirms Retirement Status

For movie fans, few things are as much fun as simply saying the name of a veteran actor and pondering all the great films they’ve given us. With that in mind, I’ll quite simply drop a name: Sean Connery.

Recently, MTV News had an extremely rare meeting with the 78-year-old actor, who hasn’t made a proper film in nearly six years and by most accounts has permanently retreated to his home in the Bahamas (ironically enough, near where Daniel Craig filmed “Casino Royale”). During an A.F.I. tribute to such all-time classic films as “The Apartment” and “American Beauty,” Connery was in attendance to present his 1975 classic “The Man Who Would Be King.”

Needless to say, it was an absolute thrill to simply share a few words with the man who gave us “The Untouchables,” “Highlander,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and all those great Bond films. But a question about “King” had Connery insisting that he doesn’t consider any of those performances to be his greatest.

“I don’t think in that way,” he explained in his famous Scottish brogue. “In any of any of the movies, you know?”

After he said no thanks (some would say wisely) to “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and had a kidney tumor removed a few years back, rumors of declining health were inevitable. But seeing Connery in person, he still seemed to be healthy and energetic enough to step in front of the camera again someday.

Unfortunately, when I asked the movie legend about his current status, he shut the door on acting once and for all. “Am I retired?” he repeated. “Oh yes.”

What will you miss most about Sean Connery’s acting? In your opinion, what is his best film?

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