'Hostel' Yields A Sequel -- And Perhaps A Few Babies

Director hopes to hammer out second gory script, start shooting this summer.

HOLLYWOOD -- Four months ago, they gutted, grossed and gored their way to box-office success with one of the most excruciatingly graphic horror films ever made.

This week, with the DVD release of "Hostel," the film's director and star plan to keep fans gleefully vomiting and fainting for years to come.

"Somebody puked, somebody passed out, and somebody went to the hospital," star Jay Hernandez said Tuesday at a release party for the unrated DVD, fondly looking back at the film's theatrical run. "When I heard of people doing that in theaters, I was pretty psyched."

"I've gotten two kinds of reports," said writer/director Eli Roth. "One type of report is that people throw up or pass out or get sick to their stomach, and another report is that a lot of people get [lucky] watching 'Hostel.' I swear to God, people have told me that they brought a date to see the movie, and then the date is grabbing their hand, and they had their head buried in their date's chest the whole time. The girl was too freaked out, she didn't want to go home alone, and the guy brought her home, and it was like, 'Yeah, it worked out. I closed the deal.' So I do think that nine months from now, we will have some medical emergencies and some 'Hostel' babies."

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Roth plans to cut himself off from the outside world to begin writing a 'Hostel' sequel this week, recapturing the hermitlike existence that helped him pen the first film.

"I've got to write it," he said. "I've been doing a world tour with 'Hostel,' doing press. It has been opening in every other country, and I have been making notes. But [this week] I am really going to unplug my phone, shut off my e-mail, and write the script. And we are going to shoot it this summer."

After the high body count of the first film, the difficulties of negotiating with returning actors is one torture Roth will be able to avoid. As of now, only leading man Hernandez is set to return.

"I think there is going to be definitely more of a revenge element involved, but aside from that, I'm as excited and curious as anybody else about what the story is going to be," Hernandez said.

Roth said even he doesn't know where "Hostel II" could take him, but he does know one thing: It will start immediately after the final scene of the first film.

"I want to pick up and continue in the story exactly where the last one left off," the director said. "Other than 'Porky's II: The Next Day,' you don't really see that many movies where they pick up at the moment where the last one stopped. I really want it to feel like a part one and a part two more than a sequel."

"I think that the trauma that he has experienced will definitely affect him in a negative way," Hernandez said of his character, Paxton, last seen exacting bloody revenge despite being a few fingers short of a hand.

Featuring four commentary tracks, a behind-the-scenes feature (shot by Roth's brother) and an extra 30 seconds of "the eye goo -- the stuff dripping out that the ratings board had me cut," the director promised that "Hostel" fans will have plenty to keep themselves occupied until the sequel arrives.

Roth did pass along one small request for anyone who gets lucky while watching his DVD at home: "I would like the babies to be named 'Hostel' or 'Vomit,' " he laughed. "That would really be a nice compliment to me."

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