Adam Lambert Songwriter Says Debut Mixes Fall Out Boy, Kylie Minogue

'You'd mash that together and put some mascara on it,' Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin tells MTV News.

Kevin Griffin made a name for himself in the '90s with [artist id="470"]Better Than Ezra[/artist], but these days, when he's not busy working with the band and releasing new music, he's writing with some of the biggest names from "American Idol."

He's worked with everyone from Jason Castro to [artist id="3080428"]David Cook[/artist] and [artist id="3080429"]David Archuleta[/artist], and this time around, he's written some songs for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert for their top-secret, highly anticipated debuts, both out this fall. He's hoping the songs he submitted for Lambert make the final cut.

"As a songwriter, you want to get on the projects that are high-profile but you hope are going to be successful," he said about collaborating with "Idol" alumni. "And certainly, the 'Idol' things are successful."

So what should fans expect from [article id="1616491"]Lambert's upcoming debut[/article]? "Adam has that potential for that worldwide, crazy success, 'cause his taste is kind of an international kind of thing," Griffin said.

As fans of the show know already, Lambert has a flair for the theatrical and a penchant for glittery rock. Griffin said that there will probably also be some disco thrown in.

"I know that they're going for more of an international, pop-rock, goth sound," he said. "I know what they're wanting, and I think it's going to be something that you could hear in between a Fall Out Boy song and a Kylie Minogue song. You'd mash that together and put some mascara on it."

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