Some Guy Added 8-Bit Sounds To 'The Matrix Reloaded' And It's Great

Pew Pew Pew!

Want to delve into the mind of Keanu Reeves? Well, we're not sure how one would do that, but we imagine this 8-bit video game makeover of "The Matrix Reloaded" is exactly how it operates. (We're kidding. Sorta!)

Editor Phillip Raupach has done the lord's work and replaced the action sounds of the sequel fight scene with 8- and 16-bit video game noises to hilarious effect. In place of actual shooting gun noises and grunting fight-kicks we're left with zips and zaps and pings and boings and other joyful audio machinations to make the whole thing actually enjoyable.

Plus, it becomes all the more hilarious if you pretend this is actually just how Keanu Reeves heard the fighting as it was happening. He is the most '80s thing to have ever happened, after all.

In the words of the man himself: whoooooaaaa.