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Jeff Goldblum Can 'Say Very Little' About A Possible Superhero Project In Our Insane Interview

This is the only Goldblum interview worth watching

Jeff Goldblum is a man of many talents. He can quote any movie at the drop of a hat. He's like a walking encyclopedia of colloquialisms. We bet he crushes games of Trivial Pursuit. Also, he's great with kids! (Or, at least, his own baby ... we hope.) He even looks pretty cool in a leather jacket. But if there's one thing Goldblum is not so great at, it's lying.

For example, take what happened when MTV News's Josh Horowitz asked the 63-year-old actor if he'd be appearing in a superhero 'verse anytime soon. (After all, if there's any actor ripe for a superhero franchise, it's Goldblum.) "I can say very little right now," Goldblum said, while promoting Independence Day 2 at CinemaCon. "But you might be onto something."

HMMMM. Interesting. Is Goldblum joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The DC Expanded Universe?! Or is he just trolling? Either way, we appreciate his candor. And no, he hasn't seen Jurassic World yet -- in case you were wondering.

Watch more of the utter insanity in the video above.