Kevin Hart Told Us What His Life Would Be Like Without 'Get Hard,' And It Sounds Pretty Deadly

'I'm known as a killer.'

"Do you consider yourself a hard person, generally speaking?"

Who knew that such a simple question could yield such a huge answer? MTV's Josh Horowitz found out first hand when he sat down for an interview with Kevin Hart about his new movie "Get Hard."

In the movie, Will Ferrell stars as a rich man who is wrongfully convicted of tax evasion, and faces a serious prison sentence as a result. So he hires a seasoned prison veteran, played by Hart, to teach him how to survive his upcoming stay in jail. There's just one problem: Hart's character has never been to jail. In fact, he's really not that tough at all. Oops!

But that's not the case with Hart in real life. When Horowitz asked that simple question to the comedian, the response was very revealing.

"A hard person? Well, I'm street," he said. "I'm known as a killer. When you really go to, like, the east coast. You go to those center cities — the places that basically are grimy, real, tough. That's me. That's where I survive at. If it wasn't this, it would be killing. That's how it is with me. It's either this, or that. There is no in between."

Did… did he just say that he would be a killer if he wasn't a movie star? Like, he would literally kill people? We can't know what's truly in Hart's heart, but we definitely know he's extremely uncomfortable in the plush hotel where the interview took place, based on what he told Josh.

Take a look:

"Get Hard" opens on March 27.

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